Trend 62/80X1/4TC Drill countersink counterbore 9.5mm diameter

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Drill countersink counterbore 9.5mm diameter
For abrasive materials. Tools will drill, countersink and finally counterbore a parallel hole. Designed to receive plug produced by maker Ref. 24 group. The drill diameter sizes are for a clearance hole only.
D=3/8 inch
D=9.5 mm
D2=4.8 mm
C=20 mm
OL=62 mm
Shank Diameter=1/4 inch
Wood screw size=No 8
D= 3/8 inch D= 9.5 mm D2= 4.8 mm C= 20 mm Shank Diameter= 1/4 inch Use between 8000-20000 RPM Wood screw size= No 8
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