Trend 46/39X1/4TC Bearing Guided 35mm Diameter Rebater

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Bearing Guided 35mm Diameter Rebater
Popular rebate sets, which include different size bearings for a choice of rebates.
Ease of setting-up and accurate depth of cut.
Ideal for rebating straight and shaped work pieces.When using bearing Ref. B95A, make two passes when a full depth of cut is
D=35 mm
C=12.7 mm
B=9.5 mm
B2=12.7 mm
B3=16 mm
B4=19 mm
OL=52 mm
Shank Diameter=1/4 inch
B19A=7.9 mm
B16A=9.5 mm
B127A=11.1 mm
B95A=12.7 mm
D= 35 mm C= 12.7 mm B= 9.5 mm B2= 12.7 mm B3= 16 mm B4= 19 mm Shank Diameter= 1/4 inch Rebate E: B19A= 7.9 mm B16A= 9.5 mm B127A= 11.1 mm B95A= 12.7 mm
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