Trend C183AX1/2TC Guided panel raiser 25.4mm rad

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Guided panel raiser 25.4mm rad
Panel raiser cutters for producing the panel for cabinet panelled doors, tool matches our range of profile scribers. Suitable for use on natural timber and MDF.
For use in a router table only.
Take several passes, increasing the depth with each pass.
D=63.5 mm
C=1/2 inch
C=16 mm
B=12.7 mm
R=25.4 mm
OL=68.5 mm
Shank Diameter=1/2 inch
D= 63.5 mm C= 1/2 inch C= 16 mm B= 12.7 mm R= 25.4 mm Shank Diameter= 1/2 inch
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