Trend C152X1/4TC Biscuit jointer set

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Biscuit jointer set
Trend Craft Pro 1/4in shank bearing guided biscuit cutter - 37.2mm diameter Two Flute Carbide tips.
Two flute carbide TCT tips for cutting biscuit slots in timber and timber based materials.
Supplied with three interchangeable bearings covering biscuit s
D=37.2 mm
C=4 mm
B=12.7 mm
B2=16.0 mm
B3=19.0 mm
OL=63.5 mm
Shank Diameter=1/4 inch
Groove depths=9.05 mm, 10.6 mm & 12.25 mm
For biscuit sizes=No.0, 10 & 20
D= 37.2 mm C= 4 mm B= 12.7 mm B2= 16.0 mm B3= 19.0 mm Shank Diameter= 1/4 inch
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