Trend 46/93X1/4TC Bearing guided ovolo cutter 7.9mm radius

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Bearing guided ovolo cutter 7.9mm radius
Self-guiding cutters for rounding over edges do not require a side fence.
They are supplied with two bearings.
Use the larger bearing for a round-over.
If the cutter is lowered, a top quirk can be produced.
A full round/bullnose for stair treads c
D=28 mm
C=1/2 inch
C=12.7 mm
B=9.5&12.7 mm
R=7.9 mm
OL=53 mm
Shank Diameter=1/4 inch
D= 28 mm C= 1/2 inch C= 12.7 mm B= 9.5&12.7 mm R= 7.9 mm Shank Diameter= 1/4 inch
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