Polycrystalline Diamond Sawblades

The Trend PCD/SB/1608 PCD sawblade is ideal for use in 160mm plunge saws for rough cutting Gemstone worktop, wood-based material, plastic, cement fibre board, tool-wearing material eg laminate and solid wood. Saw Blade for use on professional circular saws. High Quality Eight tooth industrial polycrystalline diamond cutting tips. Tooth configuration of 10 degree top angle with negative 5 degree hook. For use when rough cuttting a overhang of 5mm must be left for router trimming. Gemstone worktop is made of 85% recycled material including glass and shell, the solid upper surface is extremely abrasive and requires diamond tools to cut it. Gemstone worktop has 6mm solid material bonded to a 28mm high performance chipboard core. To produce 5mm overhang rough cut - set circular saw for first depth of cut 3-4mm plunged in to the edge of the front side of the worktop, second cut at 10mm depth, and 40mm for final cut. Final trimming of 5mm overhang should be made with a router, using of a PCD router cutter ref. PCD/GEM01X1/2. Not for non-ferrous material, glass or stone.
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